I don’t develop properties or construct houses – I build homes.

Homes that people want to buy and enjoy living in. That’s more than the quality of the build. It is about the surrounding environment and home owners feeling part of the community that they live in.

Which is why I work with the local community to get developments right. Right for everyone.

I want my developments to be appropriate for their surroundings. That includes the types and size of the properties and the facilities they provide. I listen to communities about what they need and then work out a plan to deliver an agreed approach to development.

As an independent local developer, I can be far more flexible than bigger developers. Yes, I need to make a return on my investment but not at the expense of inappropriate development. It needs to be the right development in the right place.

My reputation is staked on the quality of what I do. I am involved in every aspect of a development. I rigorously vet everyone who is part of the process so that quality is never compromised. I am always available to discuss developments, answer questions and resolve concerns. Working with Sweetman Developments is working with me, not a nameless contact. I don’t disappear when the development is complete, I will still be here to work with residents and the community.

Tell me what your community needs and let’s work together to make it happen.